Monday, 15 December 2014

Dear: Santa

Dear Santa,

Merry Christmas
How are you
What is your most important thing there?

How old are your reindeer's?
Are you a meat eater or a vegetarian or both?
How do you travel?
Do you freeze time or go at night.
How many rooms do you have in your house?
How many peoples houses do you go to?
Why does Rudolph have a red nose which glows?
Do you give any presents to kids which are bad? how many bad kids have you met yet? How fast do you go in the sleigh? How did Rudolph get his red nose?   

My family sometimes goes to Kinlock and we sometimes have turkey, chicken, potatoes, and heaps of other stuff. My brothers George and Oliver and me  sometimes makes cards and gives them to mum dad Oliver me charlie George.

Can I please have:
Random Lego sets.
and random stuff.
Please right back :-)


Friday, 14 November 2014

Monday, 8 September 2014

How Maui Captured The Sun

How Maui Captured The Sun

One day there was a boy called Maui and his brothers were grumpy at the sun Te Ra because he went through the day too fast.They didn't get enough time to go fishing and do their chores.So they planned an attack on the sun.They went to get flax to make some flax ropes and nets.Next day they walked to the sun.They built some barriers to hide.The sun came up and Maui said “fire the ropes!,” and they did.They pulled and pulled the sun to Maui. He hit the sun to make him hurt. Finally the sun said “stop! stop!,”.Maui said 
“only if you stop zooming through the day,” 
“ok,”said the sun then they let him go. Now the sun goes slowly across the sky.


Wednesday, 6 August 2014

The Holiday of Awesome

Success Criteria

Brainstorms to identify main ideas to be used in writing.
Uses most of the main ideas in the writing.
Uses paragraphs and sequences ideas.
Attempts to end writing with a simple conclusions.
Spells most words correctly.
Uses capital letters, full stops, commas, apostrophes, question marks, exclamation marks.
Rereads writing to edit out information that does not improve the message.
Rereads writing to edit in words and phrases that improve the message.
Uses a dictionary to identify and check spelling attempts.
Checks writing for basic punctuation.
Going To Taupo

It was time to go to Taupo. George had a friend over to come to Taupo. We hopped in the car and zoomed off to my grannys house (she owns the batch) to get the keys. 2 hours later “Mum turn now.” Creak! We are here!!!  FINALLY.

A day later we went to the AC Baths. First we went on the hydro slides. I kept on the left slide until George went on right slide. The left slide was the slowest the right was the fastest. There was a Tarzan swing and you had to be one point five metres and under and George was over but he still did it. Our trick was that we ran to the side and jumped then we would swing around.

When Richie came we went to the snowy mountains and got some red toboggans. We went to Happy Valley (which is a tobogganing place). First me and Oliver went together. Me and Oliver turned with our feet but Tom turned with his body weight and his hand which he could barely feel.

Mum’s sister came with her two babies and stayed with us. That night Ivy was screaming and Annette Kate was trying to stop her by tipping her upside down and putting her head out the window but that didn't do anything. Then Mum came in and said ‘By cricky you don’t want to see Uncle Steve come in because he will be furious.”

The last day was here! We were getting ready by: packing our bags, cleaning the batch, packing the bags into the car. About 8:00 we left. We stopped so Mum, Oliver, George could get a hug from Richie. 30 kilometres away we were at the airport to drop Richie off. Richie gave me an upside down hug. We were pretty early so he had to wait in the airport. In the car I felt so tired. My eyes were nearly closed but I didn't fall asleep. We were home first because Mum had to drop Tom off. I had a holiday AWESOMENESS!!!!!!!!!     

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Super Squid Wow Words

New Zealand Flag Facts

Great White Sharks


Queen Bees

queen bees

A moment in time...

Lights Off Now!

I heard my kitten meowing loud.
I heard footsteps creaking in the kitchen.
I saw the world ball spinning around.
I saw Tiger zoom pass to mum in the kitchen.
I felt mosquitoes crawling over me.
I felt the fluffy pillow squash me.
I wondered if I would sleep walk and end up outside.
I wondered if there would be a tornado and swoop up our house.

Stoney Creek Ranch Camp

Friday, 16 May 2014

When I grow up...

As part of our topic I have been thinking about myself and what makes me special. This has led to me thinking about what I would like to be when I grow up.

I made a ToonDoo about it.



Tuesday, 29 April 2014


In class I have been learning about the points of the compass and directions.

This week I learnt about a programme called Scratch which uses directions to create a little computer program.

My job was to use Scratch to create something that could be shared with the rest of the class. What my Scratch was about was all down to me and my imagination! I had to be creative!

Click on the green flag to start and the red octagon to stop.

Swimming Sports

Swimming Sports is where the Year 4s, 5s and 6s at Havelock North Primary take part in swimming races in their houses. We then had to create a voki for homework about one of the races.

Our voki needed to tell the class about our favourite race at swimming sports and why we liked that one the best. We had to remember to hook our listener in and give the audience lots of interesting information.